The Peddlers

Roy, Tab & Trevor

Roy Phillips was born in Parkstone, Dorset on 5 May 1943 and by the age of five had started to play piano and by twelve was sitting in with local bands playing pubs and clubs. Later Phillips moonlighted as a guitarist with a Bournemouth outfit called The Soundtracks who acted as sometime backing band to local stars The Dowland Brothers. One night the Dowlands audience included legendary producer Joe Meek who spotted Phillips and offered him session work in London. Soon Roy had joined the Meek produced Tornados where he would cross paths with Tab Martin (more of which later). After leaving the Tornados and after a short spell wih Martin in The Saints which produced two hard to find singles The Peddlers were formed with Tab and merseybeat drummer Trevor Morais. During the Peddlers years Roy Phillips emerged as the focus of the group playing keyboards, providing vocals and assuming occasional songwriting duties. When the Peddlers disbanded Phillips emigrated to New Zealand.


Tab Martin was born in Newcastle on Christmas Eve 1944 but spent his early years in Brighouse, Yorkshire. Tab took guitar lessons and was playing in a skiffle group when he was suddenly called for an audtion with Joe Meek courtesy of his father's answering of an ad for bass guitarists (Mr Martin was undeterred by the small fact that his son had never played the instrument before!). One way or another Tab got the job and was invited to join the Tornados. When the Peddlers were formed Tab naturally assumed the role of bass player and soon developed his trademark style of holding and playing the instrument upright...... (1968 interview)



Trevor Morais was born in Liverpool on 10 October 1944. He began playing drums at 16 and a year later turned pro playing for Merseybeat groups Faron's Flamingoes and Rory Storm and the Hurricanes. He met Roy and Tab both at a loose end after the Saints had folded and the trio began rehearsals as The Peddlers. During gigs Trevor would perform a solo comedy spot between sets from behind the drums. After leaving the Peddlers during an Australian tour he joined Quantum Jump (remember The Lone Ranger?), opened a studio in Spain and has drummed for David Essex, Howard Jones and Bjork. Trevor also appeared on "Tomorrows World" demonstrating those new fangled drum machines in the 70's - so blame him! ......... (1969 interview)