The Peddlers






You're a hello and a welcome, you have the answer to a prayer,

You're a passage of Beethovan, like a precious stone, you're rare,

You're that little touch of sadness,but you're overwhelming joy,

You're that never ending mystry in the mind of every boy.

You're the most expensive perfume with the scent of morning air,

You're the wonder of God's creation and I,d like the world to share

my Girlie I love you Girlie.

You're the beauty of a poem by Walter De La Mare,

You're the hope behind a promise,You're the dream beyond a prayer.

When the mind is so tormented, you're a soothing healing hand,

You're the gift of wide awakening in this tired and troubled land.

You're the sunlight ,you're the shadows,you're an excellant time of year,

You're the smile that brings contentment,you're the hope behind a tear,

Oh Girlie I love you Girlie