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The Peddlers.Freewheelers.


Rear Sleeve Notes

I would like to tell you a little story about the the Peddlers that will never be big enough to warrant a national paper write-up but it will prove to you just how cool and versatile this group is. The scene:Thursday afternoon at Radio Lux. The People:Myself and producer Eggy Lay.The Subject:Friday night's programme."Well Dave,we need a big act to give the show a lift.""Right" "We've had Georgie Fame and Anita Harris last week,what do you think"? "How about the Peddlers?" "OK .,we'll try them." The Peddlers came into the show and within five minutes the place was going mad.Roy sitting at the piano and breaking in every five minutes with the opening line of "You're the Reason I'm Living",Tab contributing some thought provoking questions such as "How Cool is Cool" ,and Trevor giving us a blow for blow description of what his hangover was like.,Result: one of the swinging half hours to come out of 208 metres medium wave in a long time.A month after that show went out they released this LP and like the show they did , it is full of life,bounce,and most important, originality.The majority of the tracks are standards ,which make it a good album for family enjoyment,but don't ever make the mistake of saying 'Oh yes , "Girl Talk","Time After Time",and "Smile",I've heard them all before ,because beleive me you haven't. Lets take a couple of examples ."What Now My Love"only involves two people...Roy on vocals and Trevor on percussion.Together they do the whole bit and it's great."Time After Time " is next,this time using the full trio and swinging all the way.On "Girl Talk" they brought in a few friends.Some horn players,string players, brass players,in fact a full orchestra. "Smile" is most likely the biggest surprise on the whole LP .In fact Trevor's 55 second drum solom at the front doesn't give the slighest hint of what is to follow.As for "Who Can I TurnTo" and I'm sure that Newley and Bricusse didn't have this in mind when they wrote it ,and I'm equally as sure that they would dig the Peddlers version as a brilliant addition to their excellent song.As for the others.....Find out for yourself .   Dave Cash   

Side 1.     Side 2.  
Time After Time. (J.Styne/S.Cahn)   You're The Reason I'm Living. (B.Darin)
Girl Talk. (N.Hefti/B.Troup)   It Aint No Big Thing. (G.Sims)
(From the Motion Picture "Harlow")        
Who Can I turn To.(When Nobody Needs Me) (L.Bricusse A.Newley)   Sneaking Up On You. (C.Taylor/T.Daryll)
(From "The Roar of the Grease Paint")        
Stormy Weather. (H.Arlen/T.Koehler)   Pentathalon (K.Mansfield)
Smile. (C.Chaplin/J.Turner/G.Parsons)   What Now My Love. (G.Becaud/C.Sigman)
(From the Motion Picture "Modern Times")     (Et Maintenant)  
Empty Club Blues. (R.Phillips)   Lover. (R.Rodgers/L.Hart)


"Freewheelers" was recorded in 1967

(CBS S63183)

Freewheelers was the first album to be recorded under The Peddlers deal with CBS. The album produced by Mervyn Conn contains mainly film and show standards with just one song "Empty Club Blues" being written by Roy Phillips.