The Peddlers


 How Cool Is Cool



Track Listings

CD 1 CD 2
1. Time after time 22. People
2. Girl talk 23. Still of the night
3. Who can I turn to 24. Ebb tide
4. Stormy weather 25. Just a pretty song
5. Smile 26. Lost continent
6. Empty club blues 27. Prime of my life
7. You're the reason I'm livin 28. Some of this some of that
8. It ain't no big thing 29. Handle with care
9. Sneaking up on you 30. Horses collar (instrumental)
10. Pentathalon (instrumental) 31. Where have all the flowers gone
11. What now my love 32. Little red rooster
12. Lover 33. Southern woman
13. Say no more 34. By the time I get to Phoenix
14. Irresistible you 35. Girlie PS I love you
15. Murrays mood (instrumental) 36. Day in day out
16. Nine miles high 37. City living
17. Comin' home baby 38. Lockshen pudding
18. On a clear day you can see forever 39. Birth
19. Basin Street blues 40. That's life
20. Nobody likes me 41. Steel mill (instrumental)
21. I'm a boy in love 42. Wasting my time

Although this double cd claims to be the Complete CBS recordings, the track 'Honey Come Back' seems to have slipped the net. This track was released as single everywhere but Britian it seems. The b side in New Zealand at least was "Where Have all the Flowers Gone?" The ommision is more than made up for by the two previously unreleased songs "Say No More" and "Some of This Some of That".

The cd also features a fold out booklet with rare picture sleeves, memorabilia and sleeve notes.