The Peddlers



Peddlers Power



Side 1.     Side 2.  
1.Tell the world we're not in. D.Black/D.King.   1.Thank God. R.Phillips.
2.Last train to clarksville. T.Boyce/B.Hart.   2.This little girl of mine. R.Charles.
3.Back-Alley Jane. R.Phillips.   3.Hello Sophie. R.Phillips.
4.Love Story.. R.Newman.   4.Have you ever been to Georgia. G.Gouldman.
5..Let me be turned to stone. M.Murray/P.Callender   5.Son R.Phillips/D.Blaack.
6.String of pearls. J.Gray/ Lange.   6.Love for sale. C.Porter.


Peddlers Power was Compiled in 1972

(ODEON 5C048-94071)