The Peddlers

Quantum Jump


Quantum Jump were formed by musician and producer Rupert Hine and attempted to mix jazz rock with 70's funk.  The line up was Rupert Hine (Vocals, keyboards), John G Perry (Vocals,bass), Mark Warner (guitar) and Trevor Morais (Drums, Percussion).

Quantum Jump made two albums, 'Quantum Jump' released in 1976 and 'Barracuda' released in 1977.  A third album 'Mixing' was released after the band had split in 1979 and features remixes and overdubbed versions of tracks from the first two albums.  The group also provided the music for the film 'The Shout' in 1979.   

Quantum Jump (The Electric Record Company, TRIX 1) 1976.

Tracks:  Captain Boogaloo/Over Rio/The Lone Ranger/No American Starship/Alta Loma Road/Cocabana Havana/Constant Forest/Something At The Bottom Of The Sea.

The CD edition released in 1999 on the Voiceprint label (MPVPO12CD) features the following bonus tracks:  Captain Boogaloo ('Mixing' version)/The Lone Ranger ('Mixing' and hit single version)/No American Starship 'Mixing' version)/Over Rio ('Mixing' version)/Drift (b-side). 


Barracuda (The Electric Record Company TRIX 3) 1977

Tracks:  Don't Look Now/The Seance/Barracuda/Starbright Park/Love Crossed (Like Vines In Our Eyes)/Blue Mountain/Europe On A Dollar Day/Neighbours.

The CD (Voiceprint MPVPO13CD) again features bonus tracks:

Don't Look Now ('Mixing' version)/Blue Mountain ('Mixing' version)/Barracuda ('Mixing' version)/Take Me To The Void Again (incomplete 'work in progress' mix, never released)/ Summer In The City ('abandoned Lovin' Spoonful cover).

Mixing (The Electric Record Company TRIX 11) 1979

Captain Boogaloo (Remix)/The Lone Ranger (Remix)/Barracuda (Remix)/No American Starship (Remix)/ Don't Look Now (Remix)/Blue Mountain (Remix)/Over Rio (Remix)/Neighbours.

Quantum Jump also released the following singles:

The Lone Ranger/Drift (Electric WOT 2) 1976.

No American Starship/The Lone Ranger/Alto Loma Road (Electric WOT 9) 1976.

(Oh My Lord) Don't Look Now/The Seance (Too Spooky) (Electric WOT 15) 1977.

The Lone Ranger (Remix)/The Seance (Too Spooky) (Electric W0T 33) 1979.

No American Starship (Remix)/Love Crossed (Electric WOT 37) 1979.

Quantum Jump's music is difficult to label (Frank Zappa is one suggestion) but they are best remembered for the hit single 'The Lone Ranger' which became a hit after it had been featured as the theme tune for the Kenny Everett show!  Apparently a video was made to promote the record which made number five in the UK chart.