The Peddlers

Live Photos 1969



Thanks to Les Piggin for sharing this fantastic set of photos of The Peddlers in action taken during a show in 1969. Please note that Les, who takes up the story, holds the copyright to these images.

"These are very atmospheric shots showing the lads doing what they did for years, two shows a night at different clubs all over Britain. They were taken at a small cabaret club in Keighley,West Yorkshire in early 1969 and as you can see the lads were set up on the small dance floor area in front of the house band. They were probably doing the early show there and a later show at a bigger venue such as Batley or Wakefield. They did a spot of about 50 mins, opening, as they usually did at this time with 'Smile' - Trevor took his seat at the drums and played an opening solo into the main rhythm. Tab then came on and took to his stool,adding the bass riff. Roy then came on and sang the first verse with just bass and drums backing. My own group copied this very effective opening with guitar bass and drums in 1968-9.

The photos were taken at various points during their act so you can guess when they are playing seriously, acting the fool or giving the Black Power salute which they did at the time. I remember that their act included 'In the still of the night', 'Who can I turn to?', 'People' etc." Les's memories go back even further as he recalls "many memories of seeing the Peddlers at Batley, Wakefield and other Yorkshire clubs. I remember seeing Tab when he was Alan Brearley, lead guitarist with the Thunderbeats playing at the Halifax Gala 1962".

If anyone else has any similar unique pictures we'll be happy to include them on the site.

A rollicking three cheers and hats off to Les!!.