The Peddlers

The Peddlers Revisited






The 'PEDDLERS REVISITED' show was not on my books as a thing to do, my Lady Robyn and promoter Brian Richards bent me into shape, and I am so pleased I took their advice, with the chance to work with my old friend and bassist Bruce Kerr and drummer Mickey Otutaonga, simply a great experience all round. With future concerts being planned as we speak. Nice to get back on the beloved Hammond again. I am after getting one of the new Portable B3's, played one and love it.Thank you all for your continued support. Again Robyn and I wish you all the best of health and happiness.


Below Roy also added a little insight into the 1969 Keithley gig  

I follow the site very regularly and yes I even remember the Keithley gig, we were double booked in Sunderland that week, the rush and tear to get back and forward was a bit of a swine ! The truck broke down one night and the gig was impossible to get to. The manager or owner was so mad that he tried to stop payment for the whole week. It's amazing what a couple of friends from London achieved when they fronted up to sort the situation out,

Oh ! the good old bad days.