The Peddlers



Personal Collection contributed by Dave Stewart




A Budget Version of 'Freewheelers' (New Zealand)
Many Thanks to Dave Stewart









The Peddlers on Dutch TV

(Added 5/7/20)

The following images are from an appearance on Dutch TV where the band are performing "Southern Woman".  Thanks to our good friend Terry Sinett for contributing them.







Below: technical information taken from the videotape of the appearance.





Peddlers Memorabilia from the Collection of Terry Sinnett

(added 13/5/20)






Rare French copy of 'Suite London'

With thanks to Bas Mollenkramer









Another great pic sent in by Jurgen Degasperi

Added 25/03/13


  Newly added 8/3/13 - Thanks to Jurgen Degasperi


The Peddlers Revisited (click Picture above)




Above two pics sent in by Jurgen Degasperi.

The Peddlers live in 1969

Courtesy of Les Piggin

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The Peddlers live 1971

Courtesy of Zander Archibald

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Live Photos 1976 & 1980

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