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31 January 2021

Addition to Galleries Page - Personal Collection.  Thanks to Dave Stewart.

7 July 2020

Addition to Galleries page - Peddlers on Dutch TV.  Thanks to Terry Sinett.

13 May 2020

Thanks to Terry Sinnett for additions to Galleries page.

10 October 2018

Great New Roy Phillips album, "Standard Procedure 1"

A set of songs given the classic Peddlers treatment includes "Summertime", "Got My Mojo Working", "Let It Be" and a live version of "My Way" recorded in 1974 by the Peddlers in Amsterdam.

now available from Roy's website  

8 April 2017

Thanks to our friend Bas Mollenkramer for these images of the ultra rare

French release of 'Suite London'

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8 March 2013

New image sent in by Jurgen Degasperi!

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13 July 2012

Live Photos 1976-1980

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15 June 2012

 'Southern Woman'

TV clip added to Discography

See 'Birthday'

 5 June 2012

New Gallery Page

6 Sept 2007

Ladies and gentlemen,
The Peddlers

24 Sept 2007 

Roy's New CD

Dancing With Shadows

19 August 2006

Suite London

15 April 2006

'Suite London' now on cd! Order here    

7 March 2006

Tis' here enjoy

Click the above link for Roy Phillip's new album! and DVD


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Suite London
Peter Horton
09 August 2020

[quote in reply]

Discarded records about 15 years ago and went all CD. Lazy music! Now gone full circle and am buying vinyl again at age 68. Just bought Suite London on vinyl and wow the difference! Roy's voice on CD is great but on vinyl it is brilliant! Bought loads of the singles as well and the difference is amazing! Roy, Tab & Trevor need to be heard on vinyl for best effect. Keep the faith you Peddlers fans!

Terry Sinnett
05 October 2020

[quote in reply]

I’m very lucky and have most of the boys music in both forms - certainly those released here in the U.K.

Would love to play the albums again but no turntable! Living in a flat means no space either.

Still, enjoy the music in whatever form or whenever it’s played, especially since my wife bought me a pair of Bose speakers!

Keep the faith and Greetings to all Pedds fans from Wales.

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