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31 January 2021

Addition to Galleries Page - Personal Collection.  Thanks to Dave Stewart.

7 July 2020

Addition to Galleries page - Peddlers on Dutch TV.  Thanks to Terry Sinett.

13 May 2020

Thanks to Terry Sinnett for additions to Galleries page.

10 October 2018

Great New Roy Phillips album, "Standard Procedure 1"

A set of songs given the classic Peddlers treatment includes "Summertime", "Got My Mojo Working", "Let It Be" and a live version of "My Way" recorded in 1974 by the Peddlers in Amsterdam.

now available from Roy's website  

8 April 2017

Thanks to our friend Bas Mollenkramer for these images of the ultra rare

French release of 'Suite London'

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8 March 2013

New image sent in by Jurgen Degasperi!

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13 July 2012

Live Photos 1976-1980

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15 June 2012

 'Southern Woman'

TV clip added to Discography

See 'Birthday'

 5 June 2012

New Gallery Page

6 Sept 2007

Ladies and gentlemen,
The Peddlers

24 Sept 2007 

Roy's New CD

Dancing With Shadows

19 August 2006

Suite London

15 April 2006

'Suite London' now on cd! Order here    

7 March 2006

Tis' here enjoy

Click the above link for Roy Phillip's new album! and DVD


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Just a Thought Ago
Éamonn Ó Catháin
15 March 2021

[quote in reply]

I notice that this track appears as the b-side to the last two singles that they released for EMI. A most unusual occurrence.

Does anyone know the backstory to this ?

Also, were these two singles standalone ? Did they not appear on any LP either of the era or retrospectively?

26 April 2021

[quote in reply]

I'll try to answer your question but I don't know specifically the reasons concerning The Peddlers release but here are some points to think about.

Multiple record labels. Having different labels to do the promotion in other regions takes advantage of their knowledge of their audience/customers. From getting it on the right radio stations, into the appropriate stores and to advertise your album/concerts/gigs to the right set of eyes. 

These different record labels will want to make sure their version of the album makes as much money as possible. So in some cases changes have been made to album releases. (Compare the Spanish and UK covers of 'Birthday')

Cultural and political climate may also be a factor but I feel The Peddlers won't fit into this category except for cover art (Check out the French cover art on Suite London). So in short some labels will release songs that are appropriate for their perceived audience. So there's going to be anomalies over different territories. As you know The Peddlers were covered by Philips Records, CBS Records International and EMI Records over the years, each owning their own recordings to release as fit.

Another example is that there's a 1975 New Zealand release by EMI (1088) Side A: You And Me Together - Side B: There Were Times. The side B song is from Roy's album 'Heavy on the Light Side' / 'Mr Peddler'. This 45 release never made it to the UK.

I hope this helped little.

All the best


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