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10 October 2018

Great New Roy Phillips album, "Standard Procedure 1"

A set of songs given the classic Peddlers treatment includes "Summertime", "Got My Mojo Working", "Let It Be" and a live version of "My Way" recorded in 1974 by the Peddlers in Amsterdam.

now available from Roy's website  

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French release of 'Suite London'

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Live Photos 1976-1980

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 'Southern Woman'

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6 Sept 2007

Ladies and gentlemen,
The Peddlers

24 Sept 2007 

Roy's New CD

Dancing With Shadows

19 August 2006

Suite London

15 April 2006

'Suite London' now on cd! Order here    

7 March 2006

Tis' here enjoy

Click the above link for Roy Phillip's new album! and DVD


NME Chart 4 October 1969

The Peddlers highest ever singles chart position in the UK was number 17 reached by ‘Birth’ in the chart of 23 August 1969 This chart is from a couple of weeks later when the single had dropped to number 23 but is worth noting for the sheer variety and major names in the chart at the time.There’s Johnny Cash, The Bee Gees, Dylan, Marvin Gaye, David Bowie, Stevie Wonder, Elvis, The Stones and Frank Sinatra just for starters with The Beatles being represented by the Harrison produced Radah Krishna Temple.By the way the version of ‘Je T’aime’ by Frankie Howerd and June Whitfield is definitely worth looking out for…………. oh all right then please yourselves!

Things are looking up as 'Birth' reaches number 23 in the charts

1 Bad Moon Rising Creedence Clearwater Revival
2 I'll Never Fall In Love Again Bobbie Gentry
3 Je T'aime...Moi Non Plus Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg
4 A Boy Named Sue Johnny Cash
5 Don't Forget To Remember Bee Gees
6 Good Morning Starshine Oliver
7 Throw Down A Line Cliff (Richard) & Hank (Marvin)
8 It's Getting Better Mama Cass
9 Lay Lady Lay Bob Dylan
10 In The Year 2525 Zager & Evans
11 Natural Born Boogie Humble Pie
12 Hare Krishna Mantra Radah Krishna Temple
13 Viva Bobby Joe Equals
14 Nobody's Child Karen Young
15 Too Busy Thinking About My Baby Marvin Gaye
16 Je T'aime...Moi Non Plus Jane Birkin & Serge Gainsbourg
17 I'm Gonna Make You Mine Lou Christie
18 I Second That Emotion Diana Ross/Supremes/Temptations
19 Love At First Sight Sounds Nice
20 Space Oddity David Bowie
21 My Cherie Amour Stevie Wonder
22 Saved By The Bell Robin Gibb
23 Birth Peddlers
24 Make Me An Island Joe Dolan
25 Put Yourself In My Place Isley Brothers
26 Soul Deep Box Tops
27 Do What You Gotta Do Four Tops
28 I'm A Better Man Englebert Humperdinck
29 Clean Up Your Own Back Yard Elvis Presley
30 Honky Tonk Women Rolling Stones
31 Cloud 9 Temptations
32 He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother Hollies
33 Wet Dream Max Romeo
34 Oh Well Fleetwood Mac
35 My Way Frank Sinatra
36 When Two Worlds Collide Jim Reeves
37 Marrakesh Express Crosby Stills & Nash
38 Early In The Morning Vanity Fare
39 Delta Lady Joe Cocker
40 The Hunt Barry Ryan
Day-time comes-
Bringing the light
Giving the sun
To nature's earth
Beautiful sounds
And the blue bird sings
A baby's cryin'
It's a brand new birth
It's a brand new birth
And the little girl smiled when the little boy smiled
And the woman smiled 'cos the man had smiled
And the great big world was smiling down on them
Night-time comes-
Heaven's curtains drawn
Stars shining bright
Way up above
Children pray
And the workers rest
Peace and quiet
Oh it's people in love
Yes people in love
And the little girl laughed when the little boy laughs
And the woman laughs as the man was laughin'
And the great big world was smiling down on them
A distant land
A fearsome fight
Soldier's prayin'
Prayin' for peace
Suffrin' pain
And giving their lives
For man's greed oh God make it cease
God please make it cease
And the little girl cried when the little boy cried
And the woman cried 'cos the man was cryin'
And the great big world was crying down on them