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10 October 2018

Great New Roy Phillips album, "Standard Procedure 1"

A set of songs given the classic Peddlers treatment includes "Summertime", "Got My Mojo Working", "Let It Be" and a live version of "My Way" recorded in 1974 by the Peddlers in Amsterdam.

now available from Roy's website  

8 April 2017

Thanks to our friend Bas Mollenkramer for these images of the ultra rare

French release of 'Suite London'

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8 March 2013

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13 July 2012

Live Photos 1976-1980

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15 June 2012

 'Southern Woman'

TV clip added to Discography

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6 Sept 2007

Ladies and gentlemen,
The Peddlers

24 Sept 2007 

Roy's New CD

Dancing With Shadows

19 August 2006

Suite London

15 April 2006

'Suite London' now on cd! Order here    

7 March 2006

Tis' here enjoy

Click the above link for Roy Phillip's new album! and DVD


Fans Comments

Keith Wrote,

I wish to add my name to the long list of fans for this group. I was bought a Lowrey Holiday when I was 14(1966) coming home from school one day I saw an album of theirs on the Fontana label witha Lowrey on the front cover . My father bought it for me and I was hooked forever. Have just replaced vinyl with itune versions. My vinyl too damaged.They really influenced my playing style and they sound as good today as they did in the sixties. I only managed to see them live twice. Once at the Cavendish Blackburn and at Park Hall near Wigan.

Good luck with this site..Keith Johnson

Simon Wrote,

I read many of the fans comments and wanted to add mine too especially after reading Neville's. They are about the Peddlers drummer Paul Johnson who I met in the late 80's as a fellow musician and then had the pleasure of working beside him on sax 5 nights a week in Perth West Aust at a club called Pinocchios Back stage bar. I add I have also had the honour of playing with Billy Cobham and Dave Weckl so I have been very spoilt working with the 3 best drummers in the world. I must say though that in my view there is something about PJ's drumming that is unexplainable, musical, not in the books, something you either "have or don't have", something that just can't be taught. He was a perfectionist in a hurry and he played drums like no one I have ever seen. He could play feel tunes, swing, funk, you name it but he is the only drummer I know who really plays ballads and feels them and almost lives the words through his drums. For 6 months at that club in the late 80's I looked forward to going to work every night just to play with PJ and there was never a dull moment personally or musically. He did not like time wasters, he was impatient and he was the best "feel drumer" I have ever or will ever play with. I kept in touch with paul and last caught up with him in 2003 and he and I went out and played a couple of tunes in this club band. PJ had been unwell for a a long time before this and hadn't played for some years. He got up only cos I did and the magic just screamed out of his fingers. The rest of the band were too young to have seen him play before and they were just astounded. The band sounded like a different band, suddenly 10 times better, more focussed and the drums kicked. I don't say for a minute that Billy Cobham and Dave Weckl aren't world class drummers cos they are - amazing people too. PJ is just different, unique and I hope he at least records again before too long. I last spoke to him in 2006 and I suspect he has gone back to NZ. His son apparently has a drum kit now too so look out world!.........Simon Styles.

Mike Wrote,

Hi, In general it would be fair to say the Peddlers are not really my type of Music, being of a slightly younger age group I’m 53. The Peddlers reached my ear via my parents when I was about 16 , Jethro Tull were my group so you would recognise a considerable difference in style. However the albums “Freewheelers” and “Three in my cell” were regularly being played by my parents . We would compete for sounds coming from various rooms in the house but the Peddlers were an increasing part of my musical life. The cover versions of standards such as on a “clear day” , “people”, and “stormy weather” were brilliant but so were and still are “nobody likes me” and “ pretty song” . Eventually I had to have a tape of these and my brother Pete made one up for me . It became a regular play as I drove the miles around the country. That tape lasted for years. Unfortunately my partner does not like modern jazz and I can remember playing this tape to her on one of our early dates. It did not go down too well but were still together. Now that Cds are the next technological craze , (I haven’t reached an I Pod yet) my brother has made a cd of these albums which I can now replay and remember those times . Particularly of my Mum (God rest her soul ) and I can see the pleasure on her face today of listening to these great albums. Thanks for the opportunity to reminisce on these times.

Hans Wrote,

Being a fan since the mid-seventies, I only had one wish concerning the Peddlers: seeing them live on stage and hope to chat with them backstage. Unfortunately this is not possible anymore, but I'm very grateful that I have a lot of albums to listen to. I would like to thank Roy, Tab and Trevor for all he great music they recorded. I'll listen to them as long there are turntables to put them on. The Peddlers deserved much wider recognition that they had, because they were way ahead of their time. Great music by great talents. Thank you for the music.

Neville wrote,

Re; Paul Johnston Circa 1975 / 1977. I think i can fill in a few gaps in Paul's movements around this time period. As your Perth article explains, Paul returned with his Wife Gail to Australia after the split up of the Peddlers, and presumably joined up In Perth with Alan Riley and the unknown musician, in the band Summit. He had in that article also suggested that he would return to England to cut another album with Roy Phillips. Paul did return to London England and whilst there, was looking for a gig. The Funk Band GOLIATH who were working a residency in the Nightclub BUMBLES (Wood Green) had just lost their drummer John Shearer, to the band MOON, and so were holding auditions in the club to find the new drummer. Paul Johnston replied to the advertisement in the Melody Maker and was invited to attend the Audition. I have to point out at this stage that, Paul Johnston, had an extremely colourful and flamboyant personality, (Understatement) !!!!. He turned up for the audition wearing a Multi coloured knitted bobble hat and coat and bright yellow and blue panelled jeans. He told Goliath: ( you can tell the other guys to go home now, I'm your man ) , He set his kit up, we heard him, then we told the other guys to go home !. Paul joined Goliath mid to late 1976 and stayed with the band till he left to return to Australia with his wife Gale some 6 months later, Whilst with Goliath who were writing original material, he arranged for the band to record a session at Decca Records under the eye of Tab Martin the Ex Bass player of the Peddlers, who was working for Decca in A&R at that time. Paul returned to Australia where unfortunately, his marriage failed. The K/Board player from Goliath eventually emigrated to Australia with his Australian wife, and whilst out one night, walked into a club in Queensland to find Paul Johnston playing drums in the Band !, they got together and played in the same band for a while, and then the whereabouts of PJ has been a mystery until this day. There were a couple of unlikely rumours, that he went to India to find himself, and that he was painting houses. I would not normally find the time to sit down and write about a person, But Paul Johnston was an extraordinary person, and a fantastically gifted Musician who made a band BURN!!. There are no photographs of Goliath, more's the pity. For the record, The lineup of GOLIATH: Lead Guitar : Joe Ryan Bass Guitar : John (Spud) Spurling K/Boards : Dave Atkin Drums : Paul Johnston Singer : Neville Westlake ps; I am still investigating time periods with the ex members of Goliath and will update if necessary.

Andrew wrote,

( 02/09/05)

H i there all ,I just thought I'd better post to tell you of an impending release of a new Album Coming out In January next year featuring a track with Roy on lead Vocals . The track called Closer was recorded over in NZ earlier this year and is part of a project called Lord Large Presents out on Acid Jazz Records. I went over to NZ in February to meet Roy and set up the session then. I will be providing a link to my record company web-site and giving out some more details in the next few weeks, but one thing i can say is that Roy is a real gentleman and an absolute pleasure to work with....He also cooks a mean curry! All the best, keep the faith Andy

Alan wrote,

A Peddlers fan from the early days, I saw them several times. On one occasion they autographed an album for my fiancé (later my wife) and me. It was in October 1973 no long after Paul replaced Trevor on drums. That happened to be in the week that we had become engaged and I mentioned this to Roy, also telling him that our favourite song was Girlie. Roy said that he had written Girlie when he became engaged to his wife. Nice coincidence!

Jan wrote,

i myself own the lp's live at the pickwick, peddlers power, suite london, birthday, best of the peddlers and greatest hits. a friend copyed live at the pickwick to a cd for me and i'm playing it every day. back in those days it was hard to get the albums, and the singles where even harder to purchase. they where not known like the beatles, rolling stones, kinks and so on, because of the competition, it was all about top 10 charts. never the less, i didn't know that there where still fans of them around, till i stumbled on your site, wich is great. and the both of you must be a couple of diehards, finding all that trivia about them must have cost a lot of time and affort. its great

My first Peddlers lp I found by accident in a recordshop in the late 60s, they played the record for me and I was instantly in love with the music. I bought it, still have it, aswel as several other albums. I even went to a performance they did in Rotterdam in the concerthall De Doelen. I took my brother along, and he went out of his mind and became a fan too untill this day. I got married and my ( now ex ) wife became a fan, one day she was casualy lookin true a stack of cd's and found one, but not the ones mentioned in your discography, ofcourse she bought it and still plays it with regularity. I know that there are a lot more Peddlers fans and I hope they will find your site. Today I've orderd the cd "how cool is cool". it make's my collection more complete.

Neil wrote,

my 2nd favourite band of all time ( 1st is red hot chili peppers) i remember my dad had 2 lp's in the house when we were kids ( early 70's) and we never stopped playing them. my dad was also a musician in the manchester area and told me how he saw them at the "county club" ( stockport county f.c.) and michael parkinson was there ... so you missed him off your list of famous fans ! when i was in a band in the early 80's the 1st cover i suggested we play - which always went down well was "last train to clarkesville" (a la peddlers.) i also had a favourite lp at the time by elkie brooks and trevor morais was the drummer !

Jon wrote,

I thought I would say hello as a long time Peddlers fan. I also play the Hammond and Roy Phillips has been my idol from day 1. I used to play in a club band in manchester called (Sweet Chariot) organ,bass and drums and we toured all over. One time when we were in the North East a guy approached us and asked if he could borrow my Leslie 122 for the Peddlers as theirs had broke. I was delighted to oblige. I saw them at the Poco Poco club in Stockport and also at the Palace theatre in Manchester when they supported Glady's Knight. I left manchester and became the keyboard player for Demis Roussos who I toured with for 7 years. I am now back in my native Scotland (Edinburgh) so you can add that to your visitors list. I have a studio here with my hammond A model and leslie 122 and a beautiful Yamaha concert grand C7. I still listen to The peddlers all the time and often wonder where Roy is and what is he doing and most of all he must have made many recordings that we don't know about. Especially if he has his own Studio in Auckland. I would love to write to him and thank him for all the joy , pleasure and inspiration he has given me over the years. Kind regards to you both and well done for putting this site together.

Derek wrote,

Hi, Ist time I have visited your excellent site on one of the truly great bands from the 60/70s. I have still got all my original albums which I bought and played to death after a friend introduced me to this great band all those years ago. I have just bought "How cool is cool" which is a great compilation of their early albums and shows how lasting their music is. Good to see I'm not the only Peddlers fan out there ! Will visit site again.

Hans Wrote,

I was very surprised to see that a website of the Peddlers existed. I'm a avid fan of their music since the 70-ties, but it seems I'm the only one around here. No one of my friends know who they are. I've a lot of records in my collection, but, roaming through your discographylist I think I miss one or two. I always wanted to see them live on stage, but i think that's impossible know. How are the Peddlers these days. Can I send (one of) them an e-mail?? I've aired a song or two in my Jazzprogram on the local jazzradio, but I don't think that will boost the record sales. Please let me know how they are. In the meantime I'll study your website. Till soon.

Graham Wrote,

Hi, Enjoyed looking at your Peddlers website. Roy and i were good friends in the early seventies when I was Lonnie Donegan's keyboard player & MD. In fact we even bumped into each other in Australia in 1972. We'd been staying in the same apartment block in Syney for a week without knowing the other was there!!! Anyway, we lost contact, as you do. I ended up living in the North East, and we'd have the odd game of golf when he was up there in South Shields staying at his in-laws. Do you have an e-mail address for him. I'd love to make contact again after all these years.

Gill Wrote,

I was fascinated to discover this site, triggered, like another of your correspondents, by transferring all my old albums to CD, so that I can listen in the car. The Peddlers were a great group musically, and good fun personally. Although only a teenager in their heyday, I was keen enough on their sound to be an avid collector of their music. When, later on, my sister coincidentally became friendly with a member of their crew, and I actually got to attend gigs in Britain & Europe, I must have been the happiest kid alive. Thanks for the memories!

Kerry Wrote,

I came across your website whilst searching for push-bikes! Obviousley, you dont sell push-bikes, but I was wondering what the peddlers was all about. Why did they call themselves the peddlers? Its's a bit strange don't you think? I think I remember my uncle talking about them one night at a pub quiz. Are they still alive? and do you sell any of their records as my uncle seemed to really like them. It's his 60th birthday soon and thought it might be a good present to get him. What do you think?

Rod Wrote,

Thank you chaps a million times over... I have been looking for ANYTHING from the Peddlers for about 10 years now, and whalla....I find your site... I had all their music back in the late 70's on LP and singles....left it all behind when I came to the States and nobody knows them here...nobody here knows SHI* here....I. have just ordered "How cool is cool" and can't wait for it to have made my day..... Thanks Again.

Chris Wrote,

hello glad to see that somebody is keeping the name alive, been on the site a few times, love the Peddlers just wish they could have left us with a bit more of the GROOVE kinda stuff, the keys brake in "last train to cl" "lockshen pudding" its just not enough, need more, speaking of "last train" "You can be there 4 by 30" mmmmmmmm well who cares, i wouldn't have any other way.

Peter Wrote.

I owned Freewheelers and Three in a Cell in the late 60s and saw them play The Shakespeare club in Liverpool. The set started with a very long drum intro to 'Who can I turn to' - fantastic.Young married life poverty forced me to sell my entire LP collection and have been trying to replace The Peddlers for years. Now, I have just ordered 'How Cool is Cool' from Amazon.

Wayne Wrote,


Bill Wrote,

First things first: that is one fabulous website you have there. I thought I was the only Peddlers fan left alive: all I need now is a CD reissue of Suite London, and life will be *really* good ..I don't know if you'll know me: I make occasional rock documentaries for the BBC and NPR in the United States, where I now live. Two of my shows - "Cease to Exist" and "Smile" had respectively the biggest and second biggest audiences for a documentary in Radio 1's history. (Not me bragging, just so's you know who I am!) There has just got to be a show in The Peddlers - just think of the A-list fans (from Jagger and McCartney downwards!) we could interview. Reading ever so slightly between the lines on your website and the available literature (which is mostly the same thing), the problem would appear to be Roy Phillips, who never seems to be quoted any more. Another rock recluse? Do you have contact information for him? If he doesn't/wouldn't want to know, that's perfectly OK, but I have a real feeling there's a possibility here, and getting a real Peddlers revival going wouldn't be such a bad thing, either.Once again, congratulations on the website. I'd really appreciate a note if you've a moment.

Pekka Wrote,

I am very happy! "How cool is cool" will be soon mine! My sister helped me to order it! I am not so good in english but if you ever meet or see Roy Phillips say to him that he is very wellcome to visit here in Finland any time at all!

Norman Wrote,

As a long time fan of The Peddlers, just thought I would write to thank you for your excellent website. I found it thanks to the link on their "How Cool is Cool" CD which I came across by chance whilst searching an online music retailer's site. It's an obvious web address of course, but for some reason I never tried it. I hope the boys still get royalties, that CD is amazing value for money. I'm buying a few as presents this Christmas. I did not think anyone had ever re-released any of their tracks and now, thanks to you, I find that the "Live at the Pickwick" album was put onto CD too. I hope that it is still available. I have the majority of their vinyl albums of course, several of which are autographed. They don't get played these days. I wear out my own compilation tapes in the car instead. Many a passenger has been introduced to their music that way. It's good to make contact with others who appreciate the best trio in the business.

Philip Wrote,

I bought a copy of "How Cool Is Cool" today, and thereby discovered the very welcome website. I saw The Peddlers a couple of times ( I wished that it could have been more) and they were even better live than their records suggested. I'm glad that these LPs have been transferred to CD because my vinyl copies have been played so much that they sound like scratchy 78s. I heard Ed Stewart play some Peddlers on his Sunday teatime Radio 2 show and he said that Roy was now taxi-driving in New Zealand - is that so? If so, what a shameful waste of a great musical talent. I enjoyed the website contents, and I shall revisit.

Keith Wrote,

Just got the CD, listened to it last night, I had forgotten how good Roy Philips was, he is up there with the greats.

Sheena Wrote,

CD's arrived from Amazon in today's mail. Absolute bliss! Memories of Tito's night-club, Cardiff, late 1960's rekindled anew!

Pekka Wrote,

The Peddlers is best! Here in Finland we have very many Peddlers-fans!

Amnon Wrote,

I am tremendously grateful to you. Let me please tell you a bit why I needed the lyrics of Girlie. I created a music CD for the woman I love very much 20 songs were in Hebrew, my language, and 2 were in English: Sea of Love by the Honeydrippers and Girlie. Since my teens I loved the song Girlie. As my English improved, I found it to be one of the prettiest love songs I ever came across. I wanted to translate it for her and do the best job I can, but a few words remained unclear to me. Now I can do it, thanks to your help. You cannot imagine how happy I am and grateful to you.

Ron Wrote,

I am a Peddlers fan from the beginning but I don't know exactly whem this started. To be honest I am surprised that there are still people and even young people who like this music. And then again I'm not surprised because it is unique.

Sheri Wrote,

i always thought the peddlers were definately one of the best groups i have and ever wiould here. simply in london is my favourite...being listening to that one since i was about 5 years of age.

Tapio Wrote,

Thank you for your invaluable source of information. The Peddlers live forever!

William Wrote,

I first heard the Peddlers when Birthday came out and up till then I was a Beatles fan through and through. The whole lp was a revelation to me..Mainly that I could like something other than The moptops! The WHOLE album was all I played for months and months...I had a little piddley record player wired to a fifteen inch Wharfdale speaker which I had bought along with a Hofner fiddle bass which after I decided I was not to be another Paul McCartney ,connected to the player. Well you can imagine when I fired up my "SYSTEM" (!) I could be heard all over the neighbourhood I lived in in Dublin.....People STILL remember! When THREE FOR ALL came out for a long time it was "Beatles? WHO ARE THEY? I listened to it so many times every song became an anthem in my life.....I emigrated to the States in the mid eighties and as I could not bring my record collection with me I searched until I found a copy of BIRTHDAY in a used record shop about four years later. I then searched the catalogues in every shop for years when cds came out and then when the INTERNET came in to my life about five years ago I spent many a late night searching the record,cd sites for ANY PEDDLERS cds.....Then last year I found a site which had THREE FOR ALL and LIVE AT THE PICKWICK on cd!!!!! I knew there was a God .......Prayer helps.....I am so happy to be able to pass on the music to new people. I have a radio show here where I play Irish music but there are about five people who do Jazz shows and they all have heard of the PEDDLERS now! The PEDDLERS were special and still are to me.....and will always be..... Thanks to you John and Roy for putting the website up for "NEW" people.

Go raibh mile maith agat

Hazel Wrote,

I finally collected the album and CD from the Post Office today (wouldn't fit through the letter box!). The CD is playing as I write this - absolutely wonderful - and thanks a million for the extra tracks. All I need now is a party at 2am, mellow atmosphere, scotch with ice, and good friends chilling out on the floor and I'll be in 7th heaven!

Pete Wrote,

At the age of 32, I'm perhaps a little young to know about The Peddlers, but as a bit of an organ anorak, and much to the disgust of my wife and children, my interest in the group, and of Roy's unbelievable ability at the Hammond keeps me ever on the look out for more information, which was hard to find until I stumbled upon your web site. I was first made aware of The Peddlers when my organist mother wrote out on manuscript paper 'just a pretty song' for a performance at a concert evening held by the music shop where she worked. I was hooked from the first time she played it, and once I heard the original, that was it. You have done a great job getting all the information together, and I for one found it a fascinating read. I'm delighted to know that Roy Philips has been found, I always wondered what happened to him, are you in contact with the great man ? I wondered if you have any sources of Peddlers records, I have a couple of albums, found at record fairs by my brother, and a most treasured cassette copy of 'Live in London' made for my mother by a friend in the late 70's. I would love an original of that, any information you have would be gratefully received. Keep up the great works!

Borre Wrote.

My father had a record of the peddlers with the song Girlie, red little rooster ...... and I've been looking to find a copy of it for years now. The reason ? I play with a guy who has mr. Jon Lord in Deep Purple as his greatest hero. Thought I show him how it really can be done. Its, as I remember, the ultimate trio. Now I'm happy, have asked hundreds of music stores but no one have ever found the band in their catalogs. Great site of a great band. Even make my old dad happy if I can get a record or two. Then he can plug in his old Hammond C3 and start playing again.

Tracey Wrote,

My name is Tracey and I am desparately trying to get hold of a copy of the Peddlars album 'Birthday'. My neighbours are a very sweet couple called Jean and Eddie who love this album and have completely worn their old copy out!. They have been very kind to my family over the years and it would be wonderful if you could tell me where I might obtain a copy to surprise them.

Ian Wrote,

Just to say how much I enjoyed The Peddlers site - I got into them via car boot sales in the '80s and find them very hard to tire of. I'm sorry if you know this already, but the Peddlers track I Have Seen appears on a new album on the Harmless label called Make Music: Folk Funk Flavors & Ambient Soul. And the same song is covered on the album Simple Things by the Mercury Prize-nominated band Zero 7. So there!

Dick Wrote,

This afternoon I played Suite London after 10 years again. What a great it is. A shame it's not on CD. I think a few people know this wonderful record. The group and the orchestra are recorded in the same sessions, I presume. I 've loved the Peddlers-records since I heard Let the sun shine in on Radio London as a 16-year old. Their weren't released in our country by Philips, only imported. CBS did better and released every single. Their LP Birth was a big success in our country too.(not only because of the sleeve). Suite London is still my favorite. If you compare it to E.L.O. first LP on which Roy Wood some cello parts; he should have listened to this one and all those prog rock bands too. Do you know why Philips (Odeon in our country) did not release the rest of The Peddlers catalogue (including the singles). Sony should empty their stores too (at least 5 singles).

George Wrote,

May I congratulate you on a truly excellent site,devoted to the best trio of the sixties.I have been a fan ever since I saw them at 'The Dolca Vita' in Birmingham. I can't wait for the CD to be issued,perhaps you could post the release date on the site. There is another record by The Peddlers that does not appear to be listed on your page. CBS Special Products ref WEP1137 featured them on an EP along with The Tremeloes,Simon&Garfunkel and Aretha Franklin. They are singing People. I am lucky enough to have a copy of this EP. I don't know the date of issue but would guess at 1970. Once again well done. Best Wishes

30 10 01